Our telephony add ons mould to your business, ensuring agility and powerful communications.



The Konftel 300Wx allows you to take conference calling wherever you go and the ability to integrate mobile and VOIP calls for portable, crystal clear communications.

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Businesses need friendly telephone systems in place with appropriate music and voice messages to ensure customers are content before speaking to an operator.

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Integrating a call logging system into your current business operations gives you access to a range of features which can enhance your business activities.

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Utilising call recording in your business gives management the opportunity to oversee phone calls and improve the business.

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Voice IP Comms has various headsets available to our partners to boost workforce productivity.

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A telephone system needs to be as flexible as possible and Voice IP Comms looks to ensure that the system fits you.

We put your business operations first by maintaining your systems on a day to day basis to eradicate loss of earnings or business because of technical issues.

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