Drive business improvement

The software we provide is called Advance Record which complies with FCA, PCI DSS and HIPAA guidelines.

Complying with financial regulations ensures all recordings made are secure and tamperproof, that credit card details are not recorded, and that access to private data is fully managed.

Advance Record is a powerful web-based software that has an easy to use interface that makes it easy to find, retrieve, and listen to calls on your PC, MAC or tablet.

The data that the call recording software collects gives an insight into customer patterns and also workforce patterns, which can be analysed to create targeted campaigns tailored to boost staff productivity.

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How can call recording help my business?

• Resolve disputes – retrieving and sharing recorded calls for transparency which can avoid legal disputes

• Monitor quality of service - reviewing calls to ensure customers have received a high quality, professional service

• Improve staff performance – using call evaluations modules to give feedback to staff to improve telephone and telesales techniques.

• Drive business improvement – Advance Report and Advance Integrate working alongside call recording gives businesses the complete communications management solution.

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