CS500™ Series

Plantronics CS500™ Series is the benchmark for wireless office phone communications. It has expanded the capabilities of headset usages to enable operators to conference call with up to three headsets for a flexible system integrates with a business’s operations.
Its Savi 700 series headsets are DECT security certified with eight discreet security measures to ensure confidentially and that conversations remain safe and secure.
The DECT™ headsets are the lightest on the market yet provide crystal clear audio with high definition voice quality without inference from WIFI networks.
The headsets are chargeable from a central charging base and can be operated up to 120 metres away from the base.
The headsets incorporate Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide clear audio whilst in addition to an extended boom and noise-cancelling microphone to ensure listeners can hear conversations clearly without excessive background noise.

Headset Options

CS510 – up to 13 hours talk time with a monaural, over-the-head design
CS520 – up to 13 hours talk time with a binaural, over-the-head design
CS530 – up to 6 hours talk time with a discreet over-the-ear design
CS540 – up to 7 hours talk time with customisable wearing options
CS540 / HL10 – up to 7 hours talk time, HL10 Handset lifter for remote call control and customisable wearing options.


Plantronics is a pioneering audio technology company specialising in developing lightweight, effective headsets that provide smarter communications.
Plantronics supplies products are state of the art and offer flexibility to all digital communications within different industries, from call centres and executive offices through to emergency services, and aerospace, to be used by both pilots and astronauts.