Konftel 300Wx

“Wireless conference phone for total freedom”

The Konftel 300Wx is an elegantly designed portable conference suite that gives businesses the ability to hold conference calls in a convenient setting at a convenient time.

The Konftel 300Wx allows you to take conference calling wherever you go and the ability to integrate mobile and VOIP calls for portable, crystal clear communications.

The Konftel 300Wx runs off a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery that has up to 60 hours of talk-time – so without needing to worry about a phone jack or power outlet it makes the Konftel 300Wx an efficient and flexible tool in business.

It also is expandable with microphones which are equipped with Konftel’s patented OmniSound audio technology that gives crystal clear sound.

The Konftel 300Wx is advanced with a number of capabilities that make it a reliable asset to your business, including:

  • Supports DECT with GAP/CAT-Iq standard for less interference and clearer conversations
  • Easily integrated with existing DECT systems for complete coverage
  • Embedded line mode connects to DECT for VoIP calls made by connecting your mobile phone or computer via USB
  • Simultaneously hosts multi-party calls made from mobile phones or VoIP systems
  • Records calls on a SD memory card
  • Built-in conference guide helps you dial multi-party calls, store call groups and initiate reoccurring meetings