Network cabling is vital to communications systems

Network cabling is vital in providing any IT or communication systems, whether that be hosted VOIP systems or telephony systems.

Voice IP Comms will assess your cabling needs and design a comprehensive, structured cabling solution that is powerful, minimising the number of cables required and is flexible to adapt to your operations.

We have a lot of experience in providing structured cabling solutions and we have listed some of the cabling below to give you an idea of the breadth of options we have for your business:

• Cat5 Network Cabling
• Cat5e Network Cabling
• Cat6 Network Cabling
• Cat6a Network Cabling
• Fibre Optic Network Cabling
• Voice / Telephone Cables
• Patching Service

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Voice IP Comms gives businesses the flexibility to tweak their office on both a small and a large scale.

If you want to relocate or install a floor box, conduct IT Cabinet Organisation or simply relocate a desk, Voice IP Comms gives you the flexibility to do so without a cluttered cable overhaul.

Equally, we help businesses with major relocation matters such as out of hours office moves and IT moves – from one site up to multi-site office moves – and will perform data cable removal and disposal.

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