Clear communications is essential

Maintaining a transport fleet with operations spanning all over the UK requires clear communications to keep passengers safe, ensure on-time deliveries and to meet compliance.

Integrating telephony with IP technology reduces maintenance costs and increases competitiveness.

It brings agents closer to the warehouse and vehicles with clear communications being integrated into existing management systems.

Voice IP Comms provides platforms that improve the customer experience with flexible and multi-channelled contact centres that collect and store data securely to be monitored by management.

With platforms able to be rolled out across multi-sites and incorporating mobile and remote hosting, it maintains communications throughout every aspect of the operation.

Case Study

Unify’s OpenScape Contact Centre is scalable to meet an organisations growing demands whilst ensuring efficiencies and cost are sustained, even if a business is undergoing rapid growth.
To expand upon existing telephony infrastructure to increase the inbound call volume capacity to handle a large number of simultaneous calls and to improve call resolutions so staff are able to process a 97% increase in inbound calls whilst maintaining a reliable and efficient service.
Upgrading to a Unify OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise that can be implemented across multiple contact centres which enhances real-time reporting across this reliable service. There are also additional capabilities such as management tools used to track and monitor call data which increases efficiency and productivity of staff.
• Real-time call data and recording on an interactive dashboard to increase management insights
• Automated routing and categorisation of calls to speed up customer engagement
• User friendly system that new users or temporary staff can quickly adapt to
• Scalable solution with the capability to increase the number of users and to be rolled out across multiple contact centres or sites
• Ability to manage over 6,000 calls
• Ability to simultaneously answer 180 calls.

OpenScape Contact Center has a flexibility to mould to the number of inbound calls received so the system can adapt to high call volumes with a maintained service level without a break in communication or customer experience. Automated routing and categorisation of calls boosts efficiency as well as maintaining a high level of customer service with short waiting times to speak to a relevant agent.

Agile communication packages enable businesses to embrace change and use the digital transformation to improve operations through analysing raw data collected.
With access to raw data in this way businesses are able to make decisions on how to effectively reduce overheads without compromising on quality of service.

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