Flexible mobile packages

We provide flexible mobile packages that are not constrained by having an allegiance to a particular mobile network.

We are independent and can tailor the best mobile solution to your business using any major UK network.

Whether you require a single or a multi user option, Voice IP Comms compares all the packages and handsets to best fit your business whilst taking care of the administration, set up, and on-going support.


Like our sophisticated telephone systems and hosted VOIP systems we are able to integrate a call recording add-on to your mobile phone.

The system would be integrated with your current call recording software and gives a complete package where both mobile and landline calls are recorded and stored so they can be replayed on-site.

Combining secure mobile and landline call recording facilitates flexibility with staff able to work from outside of the office whilst complying with internal or regulatory record keeping requirements.

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Mobile Phone Call Recording Example – Blackberry

Call recording solutions with a Blackberry phone gives you the following features:

• Automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls and see recording is taking place

• Choose when users’ calls are recorded to make and receive mobile calls as normal

• Prevent user bypass of recording with optional risk alerts

• Use BlackBerry without email functionality if necessary

• Integrate with new or existing call recording systems

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