Evolution is a complete communications service for your business that is both cost effective and flexible as it evolves with your business operations.

The system is fully scalable and future proof. Evolution moulds with your business to accommodate updates and new features as well as increasing the number of handsets or multiple site deployment.

Evolution is the only system you need to buy and its flexibility enables it to do the job of multiple telephony systems for less money with a host of integrated add-ons available.


Using state-of-the-art hardware from Cisco and Polycom, Evolution integrates the call controller system Broadsoft into its platform.

Broadsoft unifies communications by incorporating a broad set of features that can be tailored to small local business through to large multinationals.

Using advanced technology, the platform creates a flexible hosted telephony solution that boosts employee productivity through easy-to-use web interfaces that unifies communications into one place – Evolution.


Evolution can be installed with no capital expenditure for packages that contain premium handsets across desktop and mobile clients; therefore, our partners receive complete hosted communications with no hardware investment, maintenance or running costs.

The Evolution platform accommodates all previous phone numbers on its reliable and secure IP network meaning transferring across to Evolution is a smooth, cost effective process.

Day to day operations are run using low cost calls and zero cost internal calls which creates a platform for employees to engage with each other and customers.

Evolution is able to host multiple phone lines to accommodate multiple phone calls across your network and incorporates a number of other features for free, such as voicemail, Caller ID, conferencing, call forwarding and unlimited long distance.


Evolution provides management with a range of call management, monitoring, reporting, messaging, conferencing, and security features, which can be integrated into existing CRM or CTI frameworks.

Evolution has additional add-ons to the system to tailor the platform to your specific business, such as Call Logging and Call Recording for compliance, customer service or auditing.

Evolution provides management with powerful administrative management capability by giving them insight into day to day communications that creates greater transparency between your business, your employees and your customers.

Integrating powerful statistical data software Akixi management are provided with a data feed they can analyse and look to improve efficiency and productivity using real-time data to monitor calls.

Like with many parts of the Evolution system, Akixi can be rolled out to include multi-site monitoring and supports business continuity. A simple but effective cost saving solution for greater control over communications.

Evolution takes control of your communications network to maintain communications and ensure all hardware and software are running up to date and smoothly.

This enables our partners to focus on their business, safe in the knowledge that Evolution is running in the background to protect their business operations with seamless communications.


A real advantage of Evolution and the hosted VOIP system is that we can offer no capital expenditure (CapEx) option to our partners.

Instead of upfront costs Voice IP Comms can offer Evolution hardware such as handsets, headsets and other telephony systems a low rental cost.

This low cost model also facilitates additional services to be incorporated into business operations such as multiple phone lines, mobile phones, Call Logging and Call Recording to streamline the business.