Providing the best customer service

Communications and IT Support is the cornerstone of the travel industry as they ensure 24/7 capabilities for your business to provide the best level of service for your customers.

Voice IP Comms’ maintenance of communication and IT support maintains efficiency as it is critical to ensure business is not lost through server problems or a busy phone line.

Customers are shifting more and more to making bookings online or over the phone than speaking to a local agent face to face.

This means that travel industry has become more agile in dealing with customers but also in business operations as these communications are scalable to each business.

Equally, they are cost efficient in both set up and running costs whilst increasing employee productivity through integrated services such mobile, CTI and Call Centre systems.

Case Study

Voice IP Comms provides Managed Services contracts to different businesses in the travel industry that provides cutting edge communications through the use of advanced Unify technology.


From a busy international airport to a local travel agent the Unify system enables businesses to outsource the management of their telecom infrastructure to Voice IP Comms.

Communications remain fast, effective and consistent with the guarantee of the best technology and dedicated service.


  • Managed Services framework for 5 years with a reliable network infrastructure and capabilities such as integrated messaging, conferencing, call ticketing and voice over Wi-Fi
  • Comprehensive services portfolio installation of a single telephone line to managing LAN-to-LAN connections
  • OpenScape platform for Unified Communications
  • HiPath wireless network
  • Wi-Fi that gives flexibility to staff and customers, such as PDAs for airport employees
  • 24/7 support from UK based customer service team


A sophisticated Unify system can be moulded to any business in the travel industry, from installing a single telephone line through to a sophisticated Unify OpenScape platform for airports for commercial partners and travellers to use the best-in-class telecoms and communications.

Unify incorporates a diverse network that facilitates real-time and multimedia applications, such as VoIP, video, camera monitoring, IP TV and additional security services as well as comprehensive assistance and help from our UK based customer service team.

Agile communication packages enable businesses to embrace change and use the digital transformation to improve operations through analysing raw data collected.
With access to raw data in this way businesses are able to make decisions on how to effectively reduce overheads without compromising on quality of service.

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