IT services and communications are key

Whether a small or large business, ensuring IT services and communications are closely associated with your business is key to delivering real benefits to your business.

Voice IP Comms comprehensive range of services caters to all voice, data and mobile requirements and is moulded to suit your particular business operation and budget.

Systems are cost-effective as they require no capital expenditure and are scalable to incorporate business growth in addition to Voice IP Comms installing updates remotely to improve your network.

A tailored system is built to ensure efficiency through providing management with the tools to monitor communications through call logging and call recording for analysing agent productivity and quality.

Case Study

Unify’s OpenScape Xpert is utilised to streamline decision making processes through flexible communications that can accommodate multiple calls and users to maintain efficiency so decisions can be made without delay.

Decision making is affected by a number of outside factors such as access to real-time data, reliable information and logistics, meaning not everyone is readily available for an on-site meeting or call.
Developing a communications infrastructure that is designed to improve the transfer of data and staff accessibility is critical to improving decision making.
• OpenScape Xpert is designed to improve logistical and effective decision making
• Simultaneous call options to improve call management
• OpenScape Xpert integrates efficient communications that successfully brings together the appropriate staff, partners or customers
• Multiple callers through referral call management and conference calls
• Touchscreen consoles with easy user interface for clear call handling

Unify’s OpenScape Xpert platform provides flexibility due to the system’s ability to create and deconstruct conferences through call transfers and users being able to leave and re-join calls whilst still holding individual personnel on the console.
This enables key personnel and management to choose which call they are needed on so they can time manage and make key decisions from discussions going on simultaneously.

Agile communication packages enable businesses to embrace change and use the digital transformation to improve operations through analysing raw data collected.
With access to raw data in this way businesses are able to make decisions on how to effectively reduce overheads without compromising on quality of service.

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