Our values underpin Voice IP Comms in the way we conduct business, interact internally and with our partners. We have created an engaging work environment where our staff practice our values every day to maintain our excellence as a standard.


We do not believe we are a ‘supplier’ or you are a ‘customer’. We partner businesses to ensure long-term goals are met. Our goal is to enable businesses in the long term by providing flexible services that evolve to become a quiet, integral cog facilitating day to day business operations.


Listen. Assess. Adapt. Communicate. These cornerstones of Voice IP Comms represent a top-down approach in our thinking. Recognising people and businesses to be individuals means there is no ‘one-size fits all’ with Voice IP Comms, we tailor unique service packages to individual clients through motivated staff who are driven to build and manage a flexible, all-encompassing package for each partner.


We are a UK-based company with a UK-based workforce that are both knowledgeable and focused. Voice IP Comms provides services across a number of different sectors and our team are equally adept in working with partners to achieve local growth strategies or international expansion.


We are not just a service provider, we are a multi-facetted company that uses our diverse products and services to deliver expert solution to different challenges that our partners may face. We assess a partner’s needs and provide varied packages for their individual criteria, so they don’t have to go elsewhere.