1. Do I need a BT landline to use your services?
No – whilst BT is the main landline provider, we work with all types of landlines and providers across the UK. We also install landlines should you not have one already or if you want a new one.

2. I am under contract; do I cancel my existing contract to join you?
It can cost a lot of money to cancel an existing contract – although Voice IP Comms might be able to buy you out of your existing contract. Call our team on 01477 77 01 80 and we can advise you further.

3. What happens when I decide to sign up to Voice IP Comms?
We contact your existing telecom provider to inform them of your decision and to request the transfer of your service – they will then write to you informing you of the cancellation of the existing service. A member of our team will send you a welcome and enclose a summary of your order, details of how to log on to our customer portal.

4. How long would it take to install a new line?
The average time to install a new line varies dependent on the type of installation but typically 5-20 days.

5. Who installs the line?
Our line installations are carried out by BT Openreach engineers as their installations offer the best overall experience for our customers.

6. How long does it take to transfer over to Voice IP Comms?
OFCOM states that Transfers of Fixed Lines is 10 working days, ADSL is 5 working days but if you are migrating to Full LLU (MPF) then this is increased to 10 working days because you are transferring the phone line as well.

7. What is your service level agreement?
A service level agreement states that the Voice IP Comms’ industry-leading customer services is on-hand to field any queries you have and our technical team are ready to fix any problems or issues that may occur.

8. Why do I need phone system maintenance and support?
Voice IP Comms ensures your phone system is running smoothly. However, if there is an emergency, planned repair or general cover, our engineers are on-call to resolve any system issues to ensure effective communications are maintained.

9. What happens if my business line fails?
Our Disaster Recovery plan ensures all calls are diverted to avoid loss of business and communications. Calls can be diverted from any location, to anywhere, at any time.

10. Who should I contact if I have any service issues?
Call our dedicated customer team who will answer your call within 5-seconds on 01477 77 01 80.

Our UK based customer service agents are just a 5-second call away who are happy to help any issues that have occurred and will ensure your call is directed to your relevant account manager.

Call us on 01477 77 01 80 today or, if it is during out of hours, send us an email at sales@voiceipcomms.com

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