Continually evolving flexible packages

We are continually evolving our services to ensure all communications with customers and suppliers are encompassed into one of our flexible packages that includes the following benefits:

  • Excellent savings – we can save you up to 15% on line rental and 87% on call charges compared to BT.
  • Fantastic rates – we offer exceptionally competitive rates on all local, national and mobile numbers.
  • Quick Response – we are industry leading by answering phone calls within 5-seconds, enabling our partners to speak to one of our UK-based staff.
  • BT Openreach Engineers – who undertake all new installs and line faults to ensure the best quality workmanship.
  • Easy to Switch – all transfers are seamless without loss of service or needing to change your number.


We are able to pass savings on to our partners which ensure that Voice IP Comms is the best fit to your business including some of the following features:

  • Call sign – different ring tone for certain numbers.
  • Call waiting – if you are on the phone it lets you know if someone is trying to call you.
  • Call diversion – you can divert calls to a different number, both landlines and mobiles.
  • Ring back – you receive a call back when an engaged line becomes free.
  • 3 way calling – accommodates up to 3 different callers from 3 different phone lines on the same call.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP is the latest technology allowing voice calls to be made over the internet. Voice IP Comms uses SIP to provide low cost, ISDN replacement lines that provide the best possible call quality, inexpensively, with the flexibility that comes from using the internet.

Phone systems that support SIP trunks will be compatible with our service (subject to approval). A SIP Trunk is the equivalent of an ISDN channel, depending on your telephony equipment you can mix and match the amount of SIP Trunks and telephone numbers/DDI ranges.

Customers can use their own ADSL lines if they are happy to be responsible for the quality of their calls – or they can use our ADSL line with guaranteed quality standards. For larger customers individual pricing is available for providing calls over a leased line.

Features & Benefits

  • Faster install times
  • Get round issues with exchange line plant on
  • Flexibility of number porting
  • Disaster recovery – move your phone system on to another internet connection and calls will automatically route to new location

Technical information explained:

Analogue – traditional telephony with one incoming or outgoing call at any one time - broadband can also run off analogue lines.

Multiline – a collection of analogue lines that are usually connected to a phone system sharing the same number – these lines can also have a broadband connection.

ISDN2 – a 2 Channel digital line that can accommodate more than one number.

ISDN30 – is a digital line that accommodates 8+ channels that can have more than one number – and is used mainly to connect phone systems.

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